ShowBox 2.3

ShowBoxShowbox is an entertainment app we can use it for hours without any interruptions or anything because of it totally free and it has a trending tab too which shows all the trending movies or shows which are on trending right now. we can switch the video players by our preferences and we can download any show or movie direct into our internet or external storage and can access to it without even opening Showbox app and can share those videos with anyone, anytime. all the premium features without any cost and without any interruption,  what else we need in an app which is free of cost and has all the premium features like other paid apps like Showbox, amazon prime, hotstar premium etc.

We can download multiple videos at a time in the background. it has a search bar too by which we can search our preferred movie or series to watch and find our priorities in a second. it’s simple and easy to use. it has a new tab too by which we can also read the latest news about movies or tv series. it is all in one source of entertainment and it has all the platforms. why pay for Showbox when we can use Netflix for free by this app. I’ll say better than Showbox because it never charges even a single penny and gives us all the features which we get by paying a lot and it is lite so it doesn’t affect our phone’s internal and RAM. this app is of 20 MB only so no need of any worry that it’ll affect our device’s RAM or internal.

Download ShowBox 2.3 for Android

  • Open this exact webpage on your phone.
  • Download Showbox.
  • Find the downloaded file using the file manager on your phone.
  • Install the app on your android smartphone.
  • Start Showbox.

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