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Download ShowBox for PC


You can use the ShowBox app on your PC (Windows 10/8/7/XP) using Bluestacks. The Bluestacks is an Android emulator that allows the users to run Android apps on a computer. Bluestacks is a simple and fast Android emulator. It has a high performance and a simple user-friendly interface. It now supports improve and new key mapping. The Bluestacks app is also used by many users for playing games. The next time when you want to use an Android game or app on the personal computer using the Bluestacks. You can use the software for downloading and using the Showbox app on your computer.

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Download ShowBox on ChromeCast

ShowBoxShowBox app is available to download on ChromeCast. ShowBox is an app that allows you to read movie reviews of your choice. The app allows you to read movie reviews from multiple sources. The ShowBox app is connected with multiple other websites like IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCritic. The ShowBox app fetches genuine movie reviews from different websites and allows you to read them in one app. You can read all the latest movies reviews on ShowBox. Apart from that, one can also use the app for knowing more about information about the crew members who are associated with the movie.

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ShowBox 4.61

ShowBoxShowbox is an online movie or TV show review reader app which is available for Android users only. This app has nearly all the movies on it and has all the information about them. You can even know the cast and crew and even the directors of any movie by Showbox app. Download this app easily from its official website because it is not available on Playstore but it will be available on it soon. Showbox has a great UI which is very easy to use and anyone can use it without any worries. Save any review offline by just a single tap and read it whenever you want. Showbox has trailers of newly released movies and TV shows and anyone can watch them easily in their preferred quality and they can save them offline if they want by downloading them. Continue reading ShowBox 4.61

ShowBox 4.55

ShowBoxShowbox is a free application available for both Android and iOS devices and is made by the Showbox company to provide a database of movies. The application has a huge collection of movies with all the details of each movie collected from most reliable sources. Different movies are available on Showbox old and latest and even the details of movies that are not yet released. Different movie sections of Popular, in theaters, and upcoming are provided on the home page with movies listed at one place. The information about movies is very much legit and it includes a plot of the movie with actors in it and the movie makers. The actors and movie makers are listed below the poster and plot intro with their pictures and role in cast and crew. Continue reading ShowBox 4.55

ShowBox 4.54

ShowBoxShowbox is an application from the company Showbox that have been popular for making an app for watching and downloading movies and tv shows. This is a free application that can be used on iOS or Android devices. The app is made with the purpose of movie reviewing and providing information about them in one place. Different movies that are coming soon or are trending with the release are all covered in three major parts of this app shown on home screen. Popular, in theaters, upcoming movies can be found in the app right on top of it all. Movies in Showbox are given with all the information about the plot, cast, and crew and all the trailers that have been released. While the app has a huge list of movies every single movie in it has colorful poster and pictures of all-stars who did roles in it and crew that worked on that movie’s production. Continue reading ShowBox 4.54

ShowBox 4.53

ShowBoxShowbox is an online movie reviewer app which is available on its official website for free and it is very easy to use and it has almost all the reviews of all the movies which are released till date. You can read reviews of any movie at any time because it has no restrictions and no limitations to use it as much as you want. You can edit the size of the font in the settings option. Showbox app has trailers of latest released movies and all the information about it like cast, crew, directors etc. If you’re thinking to watch any movie but you’re in doubt that it is good or bad so read the reviews of it on Showbox app and be satisfied in seconds. Continue reading ShowBox 4.53

ShowBox 4.52

ShowBoxShowbox is a small and fast application from the Showbox company that came up with movie and tv show downloading the app of the same name ‘Showbox’. This application is free and is not available on the play store. It is available for both IOS and Android. The purpose of this app is to provide a platform to keep track of all the movies that are currently popular, released in theaters, and are upcoming. Showbox has all the legit information about any movies with a short introduction of the plot. Movies on the application have all the details about cast and crew with a picture of each and every person involved in the cast and crew with roles played mentioned below every cast member. The content of Showbox is made clean and attractive with huge colorful poster and info of the movie right under it. Continue reading ShowBox 4.52

ShowBox 4.51

ShowBoxShowbox is simple and easy to use application with a lot of features in it. The application was made for providing a source of reading movies and tv show reviews any time on smartphones. It has online reading and saving them offline feature as well. All the movies and tv show reviews can be read and saved in different font styles including font size which is only provided as a premium feature in similar apps. Showbox has a download manager that assists in all the downloading on the app as it allows the user to download different movies and tv show reviews at the same time and allows them to pause and resume tasks any time when under progress. A wide range of movies and shows are available on Showbox that come from different years and categories or genres. Continue reading ShowBox 4.51

ShowBox 4.5

ShowBoxShowbox is an application that is free to be downloaded and used to read movies and tv show reviews on android devices. The application comes with many premium features that are not provided by any free movies and tv shows providing an application. Showbox adds movies and tv shows with every new release and so its library has a huge and ongoing collection of movies and tv shows. The application is very easy to use and it can be used even without registering on Showbox. It has a huge collection with a wide range of movies and tv shows from all the different years and genres. With Showbox, users are also allowed to choose the external reader to read movies and tv show reviews with your preferred font style and size. Continue reading ShowBox 4.5

ShowBox 4.27

ShowBoxShowbox is a free movie and tv shows reviewing application with a lot of features for the users. The application has a huge collection of movies and tv shows from different years and genres like horror, comedy, animation, sci-fi, etc. Showbox has many premium features that are similar to most apps of the same kind are provided for free. This application is very simple to use and has a very systematic interface with movies and tv shows displayed with a huge poster, title, and intro with details of cast and actors. Showbox is not available on play store but is a very safe and secure application as it doesn’t require any root or permissions to make changes to the operating system of the device. Continue reading ShowBox 4.27